People are talking about Compology


People are talking about Compology.



The Alameda County Waste Management Authority will use automated sensor technology (Compology) to help reduce contamination in compost.

How haulers & generators can significantly reduce contamination in recycling to make collection & processing profitable again.

Pat Carroll (President of ESG) explains why we chose to partner with Compology.

The “IoT & Smart Cities: The Future is Now” session at WasteExpo will highlight the industry’s embrace of technology.

Compology’s Image-Based Container Sensors Bring Visibility and Efficiency to Waste and Recycling Services

WasteExpo highlights Compology’s container monitoring solution and the release of Text-To-Order and upgraded Dispatch functionality.

Start receiving orders through text message to simplify the service order experience for customers, streamline your operations and boost your bottom line.

Wastequip’s Director of Product Management, Kirk Warren, comments on how haulers save time and money while improving customer satisfaction with image-based container monitoring solutions.

CEO and Co-Founder of Compology, Jason Gates, discusses how the company has evolved over time and how his hands-on approach and flexibility with customers allowed him to…

Eyes In The Container

U-blox Magazine

San Francisco-based waste-tech company Compology improved its wireless container sensors for smart waste management, cutting production costs, increasing battery life, and expanding cellular reception in hard-to-reach locations.

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