People are talking about Compology


People are talking about Compology.



“I think there was a measurable shift in the way that waste generators are thinking about quantifying their environmental impacts. And that started in 2019 and has…

The Basics of Becoming a B Corp

Waste 360 - Stef Talks Trash

Waste360 Editor Stefanie Valentic hosted Compology CEO Jason Gates on this episode of Stef Talks Trash. Watch to learn about our process for becoming a B Corporation…

Forever Clean’s North Carolina-based dumpster rental business has reached new heights due to its investment in Compology’s industrial container monitoring solution.

Global Trash Solutions is using Compology’s smart in-dumpster cameras powered by artificial intelligence to automatically right-size their clients’ waste service levels and meet their sustainability goals.

“Having seen some outstanding growth in the private sector in North America, US-based Compology has emerged as the world’s leading smart waste sensor technology vendor.” – Berg…

Rehabilitating Recycling and Waste Management

Tactical Toolbelt by Fifth Wall

Host Greg Smithies, a Climate Technology Investment Partner at Fifth Wall, is joined by Jason Gates, CEO of Compology. Jason explains how Compology builds waste metering technology,…

The pioneer in waste metering solidifies its status as a leader in sustainability SAN FRANCISCO — June 8, 2021 — Compology, the leading sustainable waste metering company,…

Compology will provide 25 municipalities in the US with free AI-powered waste metering technology to help meet their sustainability goals and reduce spending.

Compology to provide 25 cities with free AI-powered waste metering technology to help meet sustainability goals and reduce spending SAN FRANCISCO — May 25, 2021 —  Compology,…

“As we work to address climate change and build more sustainable companies, proper measurement of waste products and ensuring efficient collection is important,” said Browner

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