People are talking about Compology


People are talking about Compology.



To keep pace with recent changes in commercial building usage due to COVID-19, ZTERS announced it has begun offering Compology’s dumpster monitoring solution to help companies adapt…

A panel of experts discussed how the latest fleet and container technology is giving waste companies the data they need to revolutionize the way waste is collected…

American Recycler’s Maura Keller interviews Compology CEO Jason Gates to explore what’s driving low metal prices, and how technology can boost efficiency to help scrap recyclers keep…

Construction & Demolition Hauler, Forever Clean, uses Compology to increase dispatch efficiency, reduce operating expenses and turn containers faster to reach margins of 50%

Compology’s camera technology had already gained traction as a way to assess container levels and optimize collection timing, but its new focus on contamination appears to have…

The company announced its dumpster cameras can now identify garbage bags, tanglers, propane tanks and more.

Artificial intelligence, image recognition and the future of solving the recycling problem.

Waste haulers can now send automated customer notifications based on container fullness directly by text or email

Industry expert, Nathiel Egosi, discusses the impacts of contamination at MRFs and how upstream solutions can help

Artificial intelligence (AI), robotics, the Internet of Things (IoT) and blockchain technology have become major buzz words across waste and recycling operations

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