People are talking about Compology


People are talking about Compology.



The Internet of Things could solution by Compology uses sensors that detect garbage levels in city trash bins and notifies waste removal trucks when it’s time to…

Watch Compology co-founder Jason Gates engage in a conversation on the state of technology in the solid waste industry at WasteCon 2015 in Orlando, FL.

“This makes for a more intelligent and efficient waste-management service all around…”

“Using WasteOS Compology has helped some of the largest haulers in America reduce collection costs for front-load and roll-off containers by up to 45 percent.”

“By combining data from all the dumpsters a waste management company serves, Compology creates dynamic, optimized routes and schedules for collection.”

“Compology is revolutionizing the way garbage is collected…”

Driven by Data

Recycling Today

“Compology technology….allow UCSC to build on-demand, variable collection routes, determined by full bins triggered by alerts from the “smart dumpster” bin volume sensors…”

“There’s tremendous opportunity to develop new business models that leverage the innovations in energy efficiency technology,” says Jason Gates of Compology…

“We don’t want to just provide more data, we want to provide something that’s actionable…”

“Three years ago, Jason Gates and Ben Chehebar co-founded Compology, a San Francisco-based software company that is also optimizing route efficiency for trash haulers…”

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