perfectly time pick ups

Maximize profits by servicing your containers at exactly the right time using image-based sensors.

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route daily based on fill-level

Our platform automatically determines which containers should be serviced each day, builds new routes and distributes work directly to drivers so you can operate more efficiently and reduce the risk of overflowing containers.

deter theft

Keep an eye on your containers and their contents by tracking unscheduled drops in volume.

Simplify reporting & analysis

Make data-driven decisions easy for you, your customers, and regulators through automated data collection and reporting.

Tech Built For Waste

Learn more about how our image-based sensors and web-based software bring you more accessible, accurate data that matters to your business.

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The ability to actually see the content of our bins and verify fullness remotely lets us prioritize pickups to minimize our costs and avoid overflow. 

Jay Katari – CEO – Capitol Clothing Recyclers


Whether you want to monitor one container or thousands, we have flexible pricing, installation, and support packages to meet your needs.