Roll-Off & Trailer Recyclers

Make Dollars out of sense

Dumpster cameras let you dispatch based on dumpster fullness and contents to maximize your bottom line.

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maximize dumpster fullness

Know when your dumpsters are actually full and reduce your cost per collected ton with well-timed pickups.

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Manage Dumpster Inventory

Know the exact number of dumpsters you have deployed and in inventory, their precise locations, who’s using them and how long they’ve been there with dumpster-mounted GPS.

monitor your metals

Use pictures to appraise content prior to scheduling service and track unscheduled drops in volume and dumpster movement to identify theft.

Simplify reporting & analysis

Make data-driven decisions easy for you, your customers, and regulators through automated data collection and reporting.

Tech Built For Waste

Learn more about how our dumpster cameras and web-based software bring you more accessible, accurate data that matters to your business.

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Visibility into the location and fullness levels of each dumpster has been a huge help to our operations. Now we know where all of our dumpsters are and our dispatchers can see the priority of work orders to push hauls out or pull hauls in to level-load our drivers. We are improving our productivity and margins by providing the right service at the right time for us and our customers. 

Patrick Grupe – Operations Manager – Klein Recycling


Whether you want to monitor one or thousands, we have flexible pricing, installation, and support packages to meet your dumpster and trailer needs.