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Deliver the right service at the right time by automatically collecting and applying container fullness, content & service data with image-based sensors.

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route daily based on fill-level

Our platform automatically determines which containers should be serviced each day, builds new routes and distributes work directly to drivers. Routing based on fill-level saves more than 30% on collection costs and reduces your environmental footprint by minimizing emissions, noise pollution and road wear. Perfect for fixed-rate contracts like military bases, universities and recycling.

verify service

Provide indisputable confirmation of service using a multi-point verification system based on images, container tilt and changes in fullness level.

improve auditing & education

Use images, collected daily, to remotely audit container contents and educate customers about contamination reduction with our paperless outreach tool.

Simplify reporting & analysis

Make data-driven decisions easy for you, your customers, and regulators through automated data collection and reporting.

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Learn more about how our image-based sensors and web-based software bring you more accessible, accurate data that matters to your business.

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Instead of conducting expensive, labor-intensive, infrequent and time-consuming content audits, I can remotely monitor our customer’s containers 365 days a year with Compology’s hardware and web-based software to help them reduce contamination and increase diversion. 

Joe Mats – District Manager – Universal Waste Systems


Whether you want to monitor one container or thousands, we have flexible pricing, installation, and support packages to meet your needs.