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watch your waste

Image-based sensors make sure you’re getting the service you pay for and help you keep an eye on your disposal habits.

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schedule for what you need

Pay For What You Get. Use container fullness data to set precise container size and collection frequency. Confirm receipt of service and identify missed pickups to make sure you pay only for what you get.

audit from the office

Replace lid-flipping with remote waste assessments that cost less and improve accuracy.

improve sustainability practices

Track diversion data and share insights to improve sustainability practices across your organization, market your commitment to reducing your environmental footprint and meet regulatory requirements.

Simplify reporting & analysis

Make data-driven decisions easy for you, your customers, and regulators through automated data collection and reporting.

Tech Built For Waste

Learn more about how our image-based sensors and web-based software bring you more accessible, accurate data that matters to your business.

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” Using Compology’s images, our customers gain clarity into the waste and recycling practices at each of their locations. They can now accurately measure recycling rates to identify areas for improvement, while also detecting illegal dumping and waste contamination. 

Colin Bell – Managing Partner – RecycleSmart


Whether you want to monitor one container or thousands, we have flexible pricing, installation, and support packages to meet your needs.