Why the largest container manufacturer turned to image-based container monitoring as its sensor technology of choice.

Known for our manufacturing expertise and product innovation, Wastequip is always seeking new solutions to problems in the industry. When our technology innovation team discovered Compology’s container monitoring system, we knew it was a game-changer and the decision to partner with Compology was a simple one.

The largest container manufacturer in the waste industry (Wastequip) + a hardware and software company specializing in solutions for waste haulers (Compology)? That equals happy haulers in our book. For Wastequip, the ability to offer waste containers with image-based sensor systems helps our haulers save time and money, enhance customer service and track their results.

This partnership solves a real problem for haulers. As the waste industry continues to evolve and focus on more efficient and effective methods of tracking and deploying containers and other assets, we’re excited to be able to offer the best-in-class solution for our customers. Not only does Compology’s system let haulers track containers at all times and provide accurate fullness levels, what really sets Compology apart, and why we’ve chosen to work with them, is the ability to actually show what’s inside the container remotely, as well as the simplicity of their web-based software. We not only want the technology to work, but we want it to be easy for our customers to start using it and Compology does exactly that.

For Compology, working with a forward-thinking industry leader, like Wastequip, helps reach the most forward-thinking customers and expand container technology to a national scale.

We’re really excited to work with Wastequip not only because they are the largest manufacturer of containers in the U.S., but also because they embrace a culture of innovation, providing best of breed tools to their clients. Whether it’s providing the best container and compactor design or container management software, making sure our industry continues to progress and haulers continue to succeed is always top of mind for Wastequip. To make technology adoption even easier for haulers, Wastequip has made Compology sensors available on all newly purchased containers from Wastequip’s manufacturing facility.

Jason Gates – CEO – Compology

Together, our partnership brings revolutionary technology to the waste industry.

No More Wasted Time. No More Wasted Money.

Compology’s system works by using camera-based sensors, in combination with GPS, to remotely monitor real-time location, fullness and service from a web-based dashboard. This helps our haulers save time and money in a number of ways. Here’s just a few:

Improved container management: Have you ever lost your mobile phone and used a finder app to locate it? Similar to the mobile phone finder app, Compology is a cloud-based system that can be used on your mobile phone, computer, or tablet to locate your missing, lost or stolen container. But, this technology offers much more than just “container finder” functionality. Compology tracks not only precise container location, but also the length of time at that location and the exact number of containers (by size) that are deployed. Using this information, haulers can reduce the number of lost or stolen containers and increase their revenue from improved asset management and deployment.

Eliminate dry-runs: Right now, haulers might make many unnecessary trips because they can’t remotely verify how full their roll-off containers are. As a result, haulers are wasting fuel and driver time. With Compology, haulers can eliminate dry-runs and pick-up roll-off containers when they’re full or ready to be serviced by verifying fullness through real-time images.

Proactive scheduling: We like that Compology helps our haulers enhance customer satisfaction and earn more revenue by allowing them to proactively reach out to customers to schedule roll-off hauls when their containers are full, rather than when customers decide to call them in. Our clients note that they appreciate the option of early removal and the simplicity for customers to request another container — all from their smartphones.

Commodity theft prevention: Scrap metal haulers can prevent theft and avoid losing money by tracking container fullness and knowing the location of their containers at all times.

We like bringing value to our customers and we really like the fact that Compology lets our haulers become even more efficient by increasing their number of hauls and their bottom line.

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Kirk Warren - Director of Product Management - Wastequip


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