How one waste hauler implemented image-based container sensors to manage inventory and streamline services
The Challenge

Peninsula Sanitary Service Inc. (PSSI), provides waste collection, processing and hauling services to world-renowned Stanford University. In addition to collection of day-to-day waste generated by a large campus population, PSSI also services roll-off debris boxes for a high number of construction projects taking place throughout the massive 8,000+ acre campus.

The primary challenges for PSSI were:

  1. Anticipating service needs
  2. Managing container inventory
The Solution

Andrew Pellegrini, Operations Manager for PSSI, knew there had to be technology that could help PSSI work smarter to accomplish their tasks, maximize container utilization and streamline their operations.

In the summer of 2016, Pellegrini turned to Compology’s container monitoring solution: a web-based software powered by rugged, container-mounted sensors that use automatic GPS location tracking, image-based fullness monitoring and motion-based service verification. With the combination of location and fullness data along with access to container images, PSSI hoped to address their main challenges of managing container inventory and anticipating service needs. Compology technicians quickly installed sensors on all 104 PSSI roll-off containers and worked with PSSI so they could hit the ground running.

The Results

With the use of Compology’s container monitoring solution, PSSI was able to:

1. Anticipate Service Needs:  Compology’s sensors provided accurate fullness level and images allowed for error-proof, remote visual verification. By having accurate fullness levels for all containers and being able to anticipate service needs, PSSI was able to service each site quickly by scheduling a driver’s day based on each container’s service needs.

Compology’s web-based software lets you monitor and anticipate container fullness by location for improved scheduling and timely service.

2. Manage Container Inventory:  For each container, the software shows fullness of the container, up-to-date images of the container, the container’s precise location and customer information, and the date/time of last service.

For example, PSSI would often have to switch styles or sizes of roll-off containers for the various construction sites. PSSI would have previously had to check a whiteboard to see how many, what size and what type container were at the site and walk the yard to see what containers they had available. But Compology’s software resolved that time consuming and inefficient process by clearly showing what containers were on site and what was available in inventory, allowing PSSI to quickly organize a swap.

“ Instead of having to go up and count inventory, I was able to go on the Compology software and know instantly I can have 30 boxes available. 

Andrew Pellegrini – Operations Manager – PSSI

Compology’s web-based software simplifies inventory management.

Additionally, PSSI realized the benefits for their drivers from pinpoint accuracy for container locations to reduce search time on routes to simplified data entry to simplify workflows and improve driver safety:

“ Using Compology’s tablets, I can dispatch our drivers to exact container locations, and they can easily enter work order information without getting distracted. My drivers are happier, and I get accurate data I can actually use. 

Andrew Pellegrini – Operations Manager – PSSI

PSSI’s successful implementation of Compology’s monitoring solution has led to conversations with its sister companies to begin working with Compology.


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