For Waste

Image-Based Container Monitoring Built For Waste

Using rugged, camera-based sensors and a web-based dashboard, we track container location, fullness and motion so waste haulers can streamline operations, enhance customer service and simplify analysis.

Manage Container Inventory

Know the exact number of containers you have deployed and in inventory, their precise locations and how long they’ve been there.

Avoid Unnecessary Trips

No more wasted fuel and driver time with dry-runs to empty or contaminated containers.

Anticipate Haul Schedules

Increase efficiency by minimizing same-day hauls and route changes while improving your ability to level-load.

Eliminate Wasted Driver Time

Provide drivers with exact container locations to avoid search time and eliminate paper with our digital workflow.

Improve Ordering Experience

Make it easier for your customers to confirm or schedule pickups with easy- access scheduling and high-touch reminder notifications through web, email and text.

Resolve Discrepancies Quickly

Digital confirmation and verification tools along with container content images help maintain great hauler and generator relationships.

Automatically Collect Data

Passive, real-time data collection and digital documentation get you more accessible, accurate data that matters.

Create Internal and External Reports

Internal performance metrics reports and external service and waste production reports help you, your customers or regulators make more data-informed decisions.

Quick Setup

We install the sensors so you can immediately start tracking data on Compology’s web-based software.

Full Service

You don’t have to worry about maintenance, ongoing support, or training. Compology has you covered!

Simple Pricing

Pay on a per container, per month basis. Want to scale up? Simply request more sensors when you’re ready!